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Giveaway ending soon, The Golden Age of English Food & Festival of Romance

Goodreads Giveaway

There are only a few hours left to enter the Goodreads Giveaway for a signed copy of A Bright Particular Star.  Just click on the widget below to enter before the deadline :0)

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BBC Four Calf's Head and Coffee: The Golden Age of English Food

If you are you in the UK, you might like to watch Calf's Head and Coffee: The Golden Age of English Food on BBC 4 at 9pm this evening.  Food writer Stefan Gates delves into the past to discover the origins of British cuisine, focusing on an often overlooked golden age, some 300 years ago.  He re-creates a host of recipes in his kitchen, although I'm not sure all of them will catch on in the modern domestic kitchen.  Calf's Head surprise, anyone?!

In this clip, Stefan and food historian Ivan Day discuss puddings and why they are such an English thing (see also my earlier post about British Pudding Day).

Clip from BBC Four's Calf's Head and Coffee - why are puddings an English thing?

There are several recipes here, all taken from their original texts, including this one for Parmesan Cheese Ice Cream!

Parmesan Cheese Ice Cream

(taken from The Complete Confectioner by Frederic Nutt published in 1807)

Take six eggs, half a pint of syrup, and a pint of cream ; put them into a stewpan and boil them until it begins to thicken ; then rasp three ounces of Parmasan cheese, mix and pass them through a sieve, and freeze it.

Festival of Romance

The Festival of Romance was held during 16-18th November in Bedford.  It was a fabulous event and although I only managed to attend on Saturday, I had a great time.  My author friend and fellow Coffee Crew member Phillipa Ashley won best e-book award for Miranda's Mount - very well deserved as it's a great read!    

You can view the official photo stream for the event, but here is my shot of the lovely Dan and Sarah from Tread the Boards Theatre Group, who played the perfect Regency gentleman and lady ;0)

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