Monday, 29 October 2012

A warm welcome to Lisa L Greer

I'm delighted to welcome author Lisa L. Greer to my blog today!  Lisa writes gothic romance and she's here to tell us more about her new venture, the Sorrowmoor Kickstarter project.  Over to you, Lisa!


Thanks for having me as your guest today, Elizabeth!

It's the spooky time of year, autumn, and I think it's a perfect time for me to work on a set of shiver worthy stories...

This coming year, Im doing something differenta Kickstarter project. I really enjoy writing serials, and I like rolling them out as serials were meant to be done: in quick succession. These are mini-stories with cliffhangers at the end. They compose a larger talein this case, a spooky one set in the mid-1800s that follows the inhabitants of the Sorrowmoor estate. I love to include all kinds of gothic romance tropes in my work like secret chambers, diaries, curses, ghosts, spooky graveyards, family secrets, heroines in distress, Byronic heroes, and more. If that's your speed, I think you'll enjoy these serials.

The goal Ive set for funding for the project is where it needs to be to cover the rewards, cover art, editing, formatting and other expenses. And it is pretty reasonable for a Kickstarter project goal from what I can tell. I want to have enough money to complete the project in a way Im happy with and in a timely manner, and most importantly, to give value to readers.

That isnt always possible unless as an author, I have control over the publishing process. Thats where my project, Sorrowmoor, comes in. Im planning at least twenty historical gothic romance serials over the course of 2013. My motto is under-promise and over-deliver in terms of what Ive outlined for the serials. So, its likely Ill have more than twenty serials or that theyll be lengthier than the minimum of 2000 words each. These will land in backersinboxes (unless backers dont want them in that format), and Ill also put the serials in a combined e-book edition with a fabulous cover and a print edition that looks equally great. Im planning lots of other cool stuff, too!

So, how can you get some good reads and back the project? If you have a dollar, thats a start. There are all sorts of levels to back Sorrowmoor, so please take a look. If you dont like gothic romance (which is romantic suspense, just with paranormal elements), you can support the project and gift your rewards to a friend who will enjoy these serials. Its like a year-round Christmas gift. :o)
I appreciate the backing I have so far, and Im really excited about this project! Check it out if you have a minute, and tell a friend who might enjoy reading these stories. You can see the video about Sorrowmoor and learn more here:

Thank you all for reading and supporting my endeavors as a working writer! :0)


Thank you, Lisa - the project sounds fabulous, very best of luck with it!

You can find out more about Lisa, her writing and the Sorrowmoor project at Lisa's website:


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  1. I applaud you this undertaking, Lisa and wish you great success.