Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Writers Lunch

I had a fabulous day yesterday in the company of fellow scribes Phillipa Ashley and Nell Dixon. We met in Lichfield, a city steeped in history with a beautiful cathedral and Georgian architecture, and oh-so-tempting shops. We indulged in plenty of coffee, writerly chat and scoffed calorie-laden cake in a tea shop straight out of a Miss Marple story!

We didn't have time to visit Samuel Johnson's house (too busy shopping and chatting) but it's on my 'to do' list as 2009 - 18th September, to be exact - is the 300th anniversary of the great man's birth.


  1. Liz - I had a lovely day too and realised how much I take my home city for granted. I look forward to the next time when we can visit Johnson's House and try out yet another tea shop!

    PS I have stolen your Lichfield logo...

  2. Help yourself, P - I borrowed it from the Visit Lichfield site! I love how some clever person has photoshopped the image and given Johnson a 300 birthday badge ;0)