Saturday, 18 July 2009

The Bloomsbury Group

How do we decide what to read? An interesting question and one which no doubt elicits many different answers. There are reviews, bookshop promotions, advertising, TV promotion spots like Richard and Judy or Oprah's book club. There's also the most powerful influence of all, word-of-mouth, and with the arrival of book groups and literary blogs, this influence has been enhanced. Now, the on line community can not only review and chat about new favourite books, but also discuss favourite books from other eras.

Inspired by this, The Bloomsbury Group have created a new library, chosen in response to readers' recommendations - from authors, families, friends and bloggers - who have shared their suggestions of cherished books worthy of revival. The books published in the Bloomsbury Group are hidden gems from the early twentieth century, recommended by readers for readers and brought back into print for a new audience.

Launching this month, the first two titles of the series will be delightful B format editions, priced at £7.99 each. I'm really looking forward to Henrietta's War by Joyce Denny, described as 'a hilarious, wry, but often very moving, epistolary novel of life in rural wartime Britain.'

Take a look at The Bloomsbury Group website here, and if you have any recommendations, you can send them in to the snail mail address given, or follow the email link.

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